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​A Narrated G spot Massage

Erotic G spot Massage Video

In this Video Rocky Teaches you (men) how to do an erotic massage with a vibrator while massaging her g spot. This is a narrated video where Rocky explains his actions and why he’s doing certain things. Follow along for a master class lesson from a subject matter expert.

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Happy ending gspot massage Seattle

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​The Arousal Phase

Erotic G spot Massage

The Arousal phase’s main goals are relaxation and tease. Notice how he is admiring her body, rubbing her thighs, placing his hands on her hips. Applying a slight lubricant outside of the labia. He then massages the hot spots of her body. He is gentle and slow, an important part of this process. Next he continues his touch outside labia, however a bit more deeply. He does this because #1 it is a continuation of the relaxation and #2 it applies slight pressure to the clitoris. He slowly gets closer and closer to the genitalia however keep in mind in the first part of this video, it is not his goal to touch her pussy currently. It is to relax her.

“Your massaging this spot that’s usually sexual in our culture and making it not sexual”.

Happy ending gspot massage Seattle

G spot image showing how to finger pussy massage

“You might see some contractions…It feels good”.

He then touches the very top of the vulva above the clitoris to apply lube. He then applied a small amount of downward pressure against the clit, then continues the labia massage. Now he is directly touching her vagina. He is playing with her introitus or just inside her pussy. He places a finger slightly inside, turns it so the pad of his finger is facing up and raises his hand up and down to stimulate her clitoris. 

Rocky then takes the inserted finger, slightly pulls it out then raises it so that now his finger is pointing downwards with his finger pad directly on her clitoris. He isn’t moving it rather keeping it still with slight pressure. He continues by swiping down slowly over the top of her clitoris. He pulls her pubic area back to stretch the nerves and expose her genitals. Then regularly applies lube and changes slightly the position of his finger.

“Some clits like direct stimulation, under the hood other like above stimulation, above the hood. I know that this one has a preference for above the hood”.

G spot image showing how to finger pussy massage

​Rocky’s gift is ability to guide your nervous system