“Porn is about what “looks” good…

This site is about what “Feels” good”

WatchOrgasm.Events is your resource for erotic inspiration, education, and information to optimize your love life…

Adult Content Delivery for Multiple Websites

The internet has become a very censored environment. Referring websites, especially search engines, punish websites for having adult content. Even if the content is healthy and positive. 

You would not have been able to search for and find the site you came from if we had the content you really wanted to see, posted there.

So we post it here, where we get absolutely no listings on search engines. To them this site doesn’t even exist. In fact we have been banned by google so many times, we’ve lost count.


Real People – Real Sexual Encounters – Real Orgasms

Our goal is provide normal sexually active and healthy men and women the ability to see and learn from sexual activity that feels good Amazing!

Although the content is graphic and for adults only, it is the complete opposite of pornography. The focus of our content is to demonstrate methodologies or techniques that actually “feel” good, as opposed to what “looks” good in porn depictions

Why Our Content is by Membership Only

We don’t share our email list or sell ads for products we can’t recommend.

We offer several membership packages at reasonable prices to enable us to continue to provide new and exciting material for you to try at home.

Our content is unlike anything you have probably ever seen before. What we think makes it special is that its not just people doing ever increasing outlandish sexual acts.

Our content is about being present, being acutely tuned in to your lover, and growing physical intimacy skills to extraordinary levels.

We believe:

Good Sex is Fundamental to a good relationship.