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Your First Visit for Sensual Massage

What is it like to Schedule a Massage with Rocky?

This video walks  you through the steps we go through before a sensual massage can transpire and then an example of a massage in which the customer brought her vibrator and we incorporated it into her session.  Vibrators certainly don’t intimidate me. I am keenly aware of how well they can help in the event of any of a host of possible distractions. The idea here is, we meet 1st. We talk, you have time to make an evaluation about your comfort in proceeding. This isn’t a situation where you are whisked into a dark room and told to remove your clothing prior to meeting your masseur.  I understand your concerns. I stop at nothing to address every question, every detail that is important to you, BEFORE I ask you if you would like to proceed.

If you are not clearly and completely comfortable during this meeting, I will not even ask you if you want to proceed. I am here for this to be about you. If you are not feeling it, it will not work, you will not relax, your pelvic nerve cannot activate, and proceeding would be counterproductive.

What does work.


First of all, you have an idea in your mind of what you “imagine” a sensual massage could or might be. Every person has differing opinions on what sensual means, what massage means, what erotic means, and all kinds of opinions of even what the word sex means. So to make this work, we have to close the gap in on your vision of what you hope this can all mean for you. We do this when we meet. That allows you to have a high degree of certainty that what I am going to do for you is very close to what you are imagining. The closer I can come to tailoring your first session to YOUR vision, the more you can relax as each phase of the session happens exactly as you are wanting it to happen. With the exception of the little things I do to add mystery and surprise within your boundaries.

What it is like when it happens.


You begin any encounter like this fully deactivated by your “vigilance center.” This is that part of your fight or flight nervous system that keeps you safe by keeping you aware of danger. As we talk, your vigilance center begins to give way to safety as you decide that you are safe. As the massage proceeds, I work on the your most unguarded body parts first. Your back, arms, hands, scalp. Next slightly guarded places, your face, ears, neck, shoulders. At each step you will notice a new level of feeling secure in moving away from your vigilance. As I get to your legs and abdomen, your vigilance center will be quieted and your body will be able to feel tingling and arousal. This is the beginning of the pelvic nerve being activated.

Most of your session is about relaxation.


I spend about 2/3 of your session helping you relax, which activates your pelvic nerve and causes you to relax. After relaxing for about an hour and having me tease  you by getting close to your erogenous zones, your body will be eagerly anticipating erotic touch. I proceed on the last third, the most exciting third, very slowly. It feels amazing to have your genitals touched in a way that feels more comforting and relaxing than sexual and pushy. The goal is to inspire your genitals to want to be touched. To touch a little less than you are actually wanting. To build anticipation.

How you get to Orgasm.


With big anticipation comes the most exquisite sensations. I am incredibly present with what is happening with your genitals at this point. I will be noticing every contraction, every movement of your clit, every breath. My goal here is to maintain the exquisite and very slowly turn up the intensity. Hopefully you will not be able to hold an orgasm back if you wanted to.

Nothing for you to do.


Simply relax, lie back and savor the sensaions. I will do everything I can to accomodate what your body asks for, as I maintain the boundaries that allow you to let go and enjoy.