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What does a sensual massage cost




What does a Female  Sensual Massage cost?




Please Read – Very Important


Putting a dollar figure on a massage where you might be looking for genital contact puts us perilously close to being in illegal territory. To remain legal, I will do your massage if we as consenting adults wish to proceed. If you as my new friend, wish to give me a tip, contribute to the cost of our private space, towels, lubes, lotions, etc. that is always very much appreciated, but never required.


 That said, I still get questions from people asking how much they should tip. Unfortunately I legally can’t even specify that. But I can share that it is not uncommon to receive tips of 100 – 300 for about an hour, and 150 – 500 for 90 minutes and up. I can also share it costs almost $100 per day to have a studio, clean linens, and sundry items. I also have some “friends” that cannot afford to tip or contribute financially at all.


This is absolutely fine. Some of my under employed customers are now dear friends. Some have helped me create my videos (while remaining anonymous) and others have reciprocated in other ways. Please feel free to suggest what makes it feel right for you. 


 I am not doing this for compensation. I remodel houses as my regular job and it pays well. However, having a private room, building websites, laundry services, lubes, lotions, toys and missed work does come out of my pocket.


Human nature and our culture brings forth a notion that “if you do something for me, I need to reciprocate or compensate” to maintain equity. It’s not a law or rule, but more of a sense of peace about preventing the feeling of being indebted, or taking advantage of someone.  If any form of contribution or reciprocation (of your desires) mitigates such feelings, Great! That works for me! 


It is important for you to not have to worry about what you “should” do here. I am happy to be able to do this work regardless of financial considerations. So Please, come, relax, enjoy your experience with me, and do not worry about anything. I am immensely rewarded by all the amazing feedback I get about how this has helped improve abilities to orgasm, newfound zest for life, transforming struggling or boring relationships and dozens of other heartfelt expressions of recognition. I can’t wait to hear YOURS! 


Choose the button below to schedule a massage at my Seattle (Lake City) location. Here is the address so you can map it. If you schedule, I will also automatically send you an email with the address and appointment details. I will include my phone number so you can call or text any questions. My scheduling software will also send you reminder texts. I will not call you, text you, or try to communicate with you unless or until you communicate with me first. My goal is to maintain the highest level of professionalism and discretion.  




10015 Lake City Way NE Seattle 98125