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This site is about what “Feels” good”

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​Why does Rocky what he does

​Behind the man at Seattle Yoni Healing

I this video Rocky answers some common questions he gets from his clients, goes over how he got into this type of work. He brings up 101 ways to please your partner, a video series where Rocky taught women how to doe excellent hand jobs. Rocky then figured he should do one for women. However he didn’t know where to start. Rocky then began to experiment sexually with women, figuring out exactly what makes them tick(or get wet). He began to hear responses from women such as:

“I’ve been raped”

“I’ve never had an orgasm”

“I cant orgasm with men”

After dozens of sessions someone mentioned that he should do this as a business. A voila Seattle Yoni Healing is born.

​Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Rocky answers questions such as:

What do you do for work?

Does your partner know?

How did you get started?

Do I have to be filmed?

How do you discuss boundaries?

What can I expect when I get a massage?

Can I keep my clothes on?

Can you not touch a certain part of my body?

Why do you do this?

Do get aroused while you do a massage?

Do you do Orgasmic Meditation?

My gift is my ability to guide your nervous system

As your pelvic nerve activates, your whole body feels vibrant and alive. Every touch on your skin, anywhere on your body seems to now conduct delightful impulses through your genitals. I am simply obeying the nature of your nervous system. My efforts become the execution of your fantasies (in the context of being touched.) Your desires and my implementation seem to merge into a sense for you that I almost seem to “know” exactly what you want. And Its possible that I might know what you want and need.